Central California Seafood Marketing Association


Established in 2012, CCSMA is a non-profit fisherman’s cooperative marketing association based in Morro Bay, California. Through implementation and marketing of industry-leading fisheries co-management and on-the-water sustainability initiatives, CCSMA is bringing high quality, locally harvested wild seafood to consumers, protecting the health and productivity of fish stocks and habitat, and helping to stabilize fishery activity and business in Morro Bay, California.



Photos Courtesy of Corey Arnold


Captains & Communities for Conservation in Morro Bay

Through collaboration with the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund, we have helped to empower the Morro Bay fishermen and their coastal community with the science, tools and incentives to help make the oceans both healthier and more bountiful. The goal of MBCQF is to develop and enhance a financially and environmentally sustainable Morro Bay fishery, built upon local stewardship of ground fish resources and secured fishing rights anchored in the community.


Brita Michelle

Bill Blue is the Captain of F.V. Brita Michelle. Bill is pursuing his dream fishing for black cod, Dungeness crab, & rockfish using pots and longlines along the California coast. Bill’s family shares his dream and his youngest son, Scott works with him on the Brita Michelle.

South Bay Wild

South Bay Wild Inc. is a small, family owned & operated commercial fishing vessel harvesting and marketing high quality seafood sustainably, using a triple bottom line approach, working out of Morro Bay, California.

Healthy fish stocks, vibrant fishing communities, and prosperous fishermen with secure and affordable access to fishing in perpetuity.


Our values are established on a ‘triple bottom line’ (social, environmental, and economic) foundation. We are devoted to responsible harvesting practices that conserve the health and productivity of fish stocks and habitat, increase the value of seafood products, and help stabilize and build fishing industry stability in Morro Bay.